Hey babes! I’m Katie France and I’m a disco-dancing, cocktail-drinking, sunset-loving girl who gets her kicks from making colourful clothes. 


Even though my last name is France, I’m definitely not French. I’m actually from Beckenham, where I spend most of my time with my grumpy cat Cosmos, coming up with the fabulous, smile-inducing designs you know and love.


I did live in France for a while though and I have to say, I became a right ol’ lover of squidgy cheese and rosé!


How it all began


Katie France London was born from my agelong love of dungarees, but I only had one favourite pair, my beloved everyday go-to. 


There’s obviously no hiding the fact that I have a big love for colour, so you can imagine how frustrating it was when I couldn’t get my colourful fix from shops or online stores. So I decided to create the colourful dungarees I needed in my life, and send these out into the world to spread so much love and joy to you too!


Lovingly made-to-order


I design each piece, taking inspiration from the iconic 80s and 90s, my many travels over the years and my love for boot fairs. This means that my designs are so unique and are full of fun and personality. 


Katie France London would not be what it is today without my wildly talented team of seamstresses. They help me to turn all of my designs into the beautiful wonders you see here.

Everything is made to order by these lovely ladies in London, Sussex or Barnsley. Then once your items are with me, I sew on your buttons and make sure everything is perfect, before they’re wrapped up in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. Then it’s off to the post office with me they go, to be loved forever by you.


I use deadstocks fabrics wherever possible, meaning that not only are my garments kind to the planet, they’re often limited edition which makes them extra special. I’ve even started turning any leftover fabric into other groovy delights, meaning I keep my fabric waste down too.


Katie x